Angel's Heart Expression by Breeze
gew. 01.11.2003
 CH. Kaylen's Reason
 To Belive bl
Ch. Kaylen's Cadillac 
Style bl
 CH. La  Marka Nomeolvides bl
 CH. Tiara-Kaylen's Yours N Mine w
 CH. Kaylen's Imagine That w  CH. Bay Breeze the Outlaw bl
 La Marka Kaylen's Why not me bl
 CH. Angel's Heart Angle
 Black Face bl
 CH. Bay Breeze Geronimo bl  CH. Wycliffe Herald bl
 Bay Breeze Golly Ms Molly bl
 Shanonigan Special Delivery bl  Midramagic I is it br
 Peachtree Wild Shanonigans a